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Month: July, 2008


22 July, 2008 (08:30) | On the Street | 2 comments

Up there with conical hats, rice and ao dais as symbols of Vietnam are cyclos. Rickshaws are common throughout Asia, but the Vietnamese three-wheeled rickshaws, with the driver behind the passengers are truly unique to Vietnam. Once, an efficient method of bulk transportation (compared to a bicycle that is), the cyclo remains almost exclusively for […]

Tube Houses and Rocket Buildings

4 July, 2008 (17:23) | On the Street | 1 comment

Less remarkable but much more common than the Chinese and French architecture that appear around Saigon is the Vietnamese-style home: the tube house. The tube house gets its name from its characteristic dimensions. With a narrow face on the street (often as narrow as 2 meters) and a long space on the inside (they can […]