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Cultural and historical immersion in Saigon: Visit Cholon

29 August, 2011 (10:07) | Historical Sites | No comments

Whenever going on a tour in a foreign country, most of the time the local Chinatown is listed in the itinerary. Chinatowns can be found in almost every major city in the world, but each has its own unique identity. One of the most interesting and distinctive of which is Cholon—the Chinese district in Ho […]

Notre Dame Cathedral and Saigon Post Office

8 November, 2010 (09:20) | Historical Sites, Religious Sites | No comments

Two of District 1’s most prominent and beautiful buildings are located right across the street from each other: the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Saigon Post Office. The Cathedral was built by French Catholics, and financed by the French Government in 1876. The architect was chosen through a contest held by the governor of Cochinchina […]

Petrus Ky Mausoleum

14 June, 2010 (12:33) | Historical Sites | 1 comment

One of Southern Vietnam’s often forgotten historical figures is Jean Baptiste Petrus Truong Vinh Ky, the academic and major proponent of the use of the Quoc Ngu language. Born in Vinh Long Province in 1837, Petrus Ky showed great promise in school and was sent to Penang, Malaysia for his university studies. With an elite […]

Saigon Railway

1 June, 2010 (11:05) | Historical Sites, On the Street | 6 comments

Ben Thanh Market with train station in the far left The Saigon railway was the first in Indochina, built by the French from 1881 to 1885 with the first rail covering the 71km journey from Saigon to My Tho, the entryway to the Mekong Delta. Those familiar with train travel in Vietnam know that if […]

Thien Hau Pagoda

14 May, 2010 (16:01) | Historical Sites, Religious Sites | No comments

This large and bustling pagoda, filled with both worshipers and travelers, is dedicated to Thien Hau. While this goddess represents the virtues of filial piety and altruism, her most memorable attribute is her ability to ride the clouds over oceans. This particular gift allows her to rescue sailors in danger, and has given her a […]

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