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Category: Shopping

Chinese Wedding Decorations

8 June, 2010 (12:40) | On the Street, Shopping | No comments

Bright colors and paper orbs decorate the shops on Hai Thuong Lan Ong. This street features a block of shops selling Chinese wedding decorations. The bright decorations, mostly red, and simple shapes hanging from every wall and ceiling of these shops give the air of a block full of parties rather than stores. It’s traditional […]

Cloaks and Dragons

13 June, 2008 (17:04) | Shopping | No comments

This colorful block is hard to miss. The bold paper mache heads are displayed on the sidewalk, while sparkling sequined robes hang from the shop ceilings. Their ostentatious nature and complete uniqueness to anything you come across in Western countries just begs the question ‘What on earth do you do with it?’. The heads represent […]